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Here are a few concreting terms to help you understand what happens:-

Digging Out

To remove the top layer to correct depth to allow for 100mm of AP40 and 100mm of concrete.

AP40 (Base Course)

To provide a consistent sub surface for the concrete to be laid on.

Form Work/Boxing

Timber boxing is installed to form the areas required to create appropriate falls for water runoff.

Expansion Join Cuts

3mm wide expansion join cuts are installed into the concrete with a diamond tipped saw to induce controlled cracking points, this will help reduce the chance of any random cracking.

Plain Concrete

Can be coloured and have a range of finishes (broom, roller, float, trowelled etc).

Exposed Concrete

Using a mixture of stones in the concrete mix, it is laid the same as plain concrete and by using a chemical to retard the top of the concrete whilst the rest cures, can be washed off to expose the aggregate, hence the term exposed aggregate.

Stamped Concrete

A very skilled process of using a colour in the concrete and a release agent, when once the concrete is stamped it gives you a two tone effect of your choice.

Acid Wash

Hydrochloric Acid and water diluted. Used to super clean a surface and remove all surplus dust etc.


Once the concrete has been acid washed we apply a sealer to give more protection and that professional look.